Look what we found!

Posted by Heather Olsen on Mon, Apr 02 , 2012 @ 10:52 AM

While performing some spring cleaning in the office, I came across an old job file for a project we were not awarded. Curious as to why Wayne held onto it for so long, I flipped through the documents and came across a letter from the property owner that I found very interesting. 

Apparently, we weren't awarded the job because there was no job to be done! One of the top floor apartments was experiencing water damage and the building had enlisted multiple roofers and eventually a professional engineer to determine what could be done to fix the problem. But it wasn't until Wayne visited the site that the true problem was discovered. Of all the professionals to examine the supposed leak, Wayne was the only one who recognized the real source of the water damage wasn't coming from the roof but by steam from two faulty radiators! 

Click here to read the letter!