Bellet Construction has been in the facade maintenance business for over 90 years, and has earned a reputation for being an expert in the field. Below are articles in which Wayne Bellet of Bellet Construction acted as an expert source. 

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1. The Co-op Where Appearances Matter

Exterior Construction

1. Why Build a Shed? Gravity.

2. From Architectural Links to Common Ownership


1.  Brickwork and Waterproofing 


1. The Dangers of Falling Bricks are Not Just Physical

 exterior construction 

  1. What's New in Multifamily Residential Construction
  2. Keeping the Outside Safe: Securing Building Exteriors
  3. Making Minor Repairs: Doing it In-House vs. Calling a Contractor
  4. Spring Cleening, A Plan: Inspecting and Caring for Your Building Post-Winter
  5. Keeping the Sky From Falling: Construction Sheds, Exterior Scaffolds, and Pedestrian Safety
  6. Understanding Local Law 11: Keeping Facades, People, and Workers Safe
  7. Old Man Winter's Coming: Now is the Time to Prepare for Winter's Arrival!
  8. Keeping the Rain Off: Maintaining the Roof Over Your Head
  9. Post-Winter Maintenance: Early Inspections Pave the Way for Summer
  10. Covering Your Bases: The Importance of Knowing Your Warranties
  11. The Water Way: Finding Water Leaks Before It's Too Late
  12. Up On The Rooftop: Caring For A Valuable Amenity
  13. Shiny and New: Avoiding Problems With New Construction 
  14. 100-Year Face-Lifts: Restoring Landmark Buildings
  15. Your Eyes on the World: Clean Windows Improve View and Value
  16. Act Like You Know: Questions for Your Architect, Engineer, and General Contractor
  17. Understanding Local Law 11
  18. Historic Buildings Need TLC
  19. What's in a Name? Insuring Contractors and Subcontractors
  20. The Fifth Wall: A Close Look at Your Building's Roof
  21. Out With The Old, In With The New: The New Construction Codes
  22. A Facade Makeover: Fixing Your Building's Face
  23. A Life in Exterior Maintenance: A Labor of Love
  24. Preparing for the Big Chill: Getting a Jump Start on Winter
  25. Surface 101: New York City's Building Facades
  26. A License to Build: What Boards Should Know About Contractor Licensing
  27. More Than Just a Pretty Face: Facade Cleaning and Repair Basics
  28. Preparing Buildings for Winter: Zipper Up
  29. Swinging Off Of Skyscrapers: Maintaining Your Exterior Facade
  30. Look Out Below: Safe Sidewalk Sheds and Scaffolds
  31. The Goof-Proof Roof (and Balcony): Preparing For Spring Despite The Frost
  32. Fix Up, Look Sharp: Local Law 11 and Facade Repair
  33. What They're Doing Up There: Exterior Maintenance Explained
  34. Timing It Right: Scheduling Building Maintenance and Repair
  35. Exterior Artistry: Preserving the Past, For a Price
  36. Local Law 11: Following the New Guidelines  
  37. Roof Repair: Don't Spare the Overhead
  38. Fighting Grime Brick by Brick: Exterior Cleaning
  39. Essential Elements of Your Building's System: Benefits of Waterproofing
  40. Don't Forget to Look Up: Keeping Your Roof Protected


  1. Contractor Building Roof Garden For Seniors 
  2. Local Law 11 Supporters Remember Innocent Victim


1. Taking the Competitive Edge


 Local Law 11

1. Son of '10'- Industry Assesses Potential Impact of Local Law 11